'LET US RISE UP AND BUILD' (Nehemiah 2:18)
The Ghanaian Methodist Chaplaincy is a recognised body and an arm of the Methodist Church of both United Kingdom and Ghana Conferences respectively. Since its inception during the general conference at Ipswich as an identified body of the Methodist Church here in the United Kingdom's in 2001, the Chaplaincy has grown tremendously in England. The Chaplaincy is having a positive impact in the membership of most churches in major cities in England especially in London and Nottingham.

Having reached this height, the vision to have the chaplaincy planted in Scotland became obvious from the growing number of Methodist members of Ghanaian origin. The plan to have the Chaplaincy started in Scotland began in 2007 through the effort of six committed Ghanaian Methodist members here in Glasgow. Under the guidance and blessing of Rev. Derek Bibb, the Supt. Minister of Glasgow Circuit, the groups vision came to fulfilment with the Chaplaincys first meeting at Anniesland Methodist Church in Glasgow on Sunday, 4th November, 2007 followed by formal Inaugural Service on Sunday, 24th August, 2008 at the same venue. To date, the Lord hands have being steering the chaplaincy activities and of recent, we have the privilege of having fellow Ghanaian of other denomination presence in our meetings. To our knowledge this is the first of its kind among Ghanaians residence in Glasgow. This has being a great blessing to us and we see the chaplaincy attaining the vision the six pioneering members had when the work first began.


  • The Chaplaincy is not a Church and does not intend to be a Church.
  • It exits to help Ghanaians and other African minorities to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and to identify with Methodist Churches in their localities.
  • To bring diversity into the Methodist Church of Scotland.
  • To encourage members to serve God through the Church and to aspire to take up membership and other leadership positions in their local Church where appropriate.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To use the Ghanaian Methodist Chaplaincy Scotland as a channel of missions to the other migrant of Ghanaians origin and other ethnic minorities in Scotland to make commitment to Christ.
  • To serve as organised body that will promote Christian values among Ghanaian /ethnic minority African migrants in Scotland.
  • To assist members to responsibly integrate into the Church and Scottish Society.
  • To use the Chaplaincy as a channel to address and promote African Christian way of worship (singing of choruses, drumming and dancing).
  • To encourage the entire membership to exercise their gifts and graces in all aspects of the ministry of their local churches.
  • To serve as a bridge between the Methodist Church United Kingdom and the Methodist Church Ghana.
  • To offer diversified support to members at all times (especially in time of need and difficulties), through personal, specialist and/or pecuniary assistance.
  • To intensify spiritual growth and Christian Stewardship among the membership.
  • To serve as an outlet to promote Methodism in the whole of Scotland.


The Chaplaincy is an institution of the Methodist Church, Scotland District and it is accountable to the District.

The Methodist Church Scotland Districts Chaplaincy shall have three (3) main networks: Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The three Chaplaincies located in these cities are to be seen as part of the Methodist Church Circuit structure in these areas.

The Chaplaincy at the District level shall have a Chaplain who is to be supported by three (3) Co-ordinators from Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

At the identified (3) areas, there shall be local executive members who shall be responsible for the running of all affairs of the Chaplaincy under the supervison of the Superitendent Minister in Charge of the Circuit.

To facilitate growth and expansion, the Chaplaincy will endeavour to have specialised ministries in the form of organisations i.e. Choir, Womens, Mens and Youth Fellowships, Susanna Wesleys Auxiliary etc.