Brethren, welcome to the Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship. The Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship is a ministry of the British Methodist Church to the immigrant community in the UK. It is an organisation within the Methodist Church.

The Fellowship is not a Church and there is no intention to make it one. Membership is drawn from all the Methodist Churches in and around London.

The Fellowship comprises Christians who belong to the Methodist Church and seek to express their faith in their language and culture even as they learn to adapt to the culture they are in presently.

The Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship - U.K. aims to heed the calling of the universal Christian Church to respond to the gospel of Gods love in Jesus Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission through the various Ghanaian languages; and will seek to help its members to grow and learn in harmony as Christians in the traditional Ghanaian hospitality by caring and supporting one another spiritually and materially, and also, evangelise more people and make them followers of Jesus Christ - irrespective of race, gender or age - and being good neighbours to all manner of people especially those in need.